Point of Sale All In One POS Terminal. Spill Resistant. Hardware Only


Spill Resistant Touch Screen  Terminal

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  •  Windows operating system Windows XP 32 bit, Windows Vista 32 bit, Windows 8 32 or 64 bit
  •  80 column ESC POS receipt printer
  •  A4 report printer


  •  Reseller can customise the software name displayed on main screen
  •  Nearest sales and support information displayed on main screen
  •  Can be set to non-history recording


  • HOSPRO connects to receipt printers using the windows generic text only driver
  • Receipt printers with Serial, Parallel, Ethernet or USB connection can be used
  • Cash drawer opening codes included
  • Preset default kitchen and bar printer or assigned them individually to each department
  • Bills can printed using 2 font sizes
  • Select full or half cut at the end of printing
  • Connect 2 line customer display if required


  •  Setup Staff Pay rates
  •  Clock in/Clock out
  •  Auto Clock in
  •  Payroll Reporting
  •  Payroll History Reporting
  •  barcode reader can be used for stock control and/or customer ID cards


  •  Item Sales by Year and Month sorted by Food and Beverages
  •  Item Sales Daily
  •  Ingredient usage
  •  Staff Hours History Report
  •  Staff Hours current
  •  Staff Shift sales History
  •  Staff Shift sales Current
  •  Staff Sales Ranking Yearly and Monthly
  •  Tax collected from sales
  •  Cash expenses
  •  Cash Drawer access log
  •  End of Shift Z-read History
  •  Customer Details, Ranking and Account statements
  •  Supplier Details
  •  Vendor Details
  •  Gift Card/Vouchers to be redeemed
  •  Sales Recorded
  •  Profit and Loss
  •  Staff Details
  •  Customer bookings


  •  Create Customer Booking
  •  Tables will be opened automatically with the balance owed showing as starting balance
  •  Create Group Bookings
  •  Keep track of deposits and balances owed


  •  Sell gift voucher/cards on the fly(can be added to any sale)
  •  Record redeemed gift voucher/card at any time
  •  Assigns staff who sold the gift voucher/card the details


  •  Record Customer Name, Address, zip/postcode, suburb, phone numbers, comments, birth date, e-mail address, Discount Rate and Account limit.
  •  Last date visited, total amount spend, Last table, amount of guests brought along and amount due are recorded automatically by HOSPRO.
  •  Various reports are available such as: Customer Details Customer Balances Customer Ranking Customer Account statement


  • Each Staff member will receive a unique Pin-code, which will be used as identification.
  • Each Staff member will receive a Access code limiting the features they are authorised to access
  • All Cash-drawer activities are reported
  • HOSPRO can be switched to secure POS or open POS
  • Secure POS requires a pin-code for all cash-drawer activities
  • Open POS requires a pin-code once only, which this particular member responsible for all cash drawer activities for the current shift
  • HOSPRO is aware at all times how much cash should be contained in the cash-drawer at any time
  • “LOST” Cash, can be easily traced by using HOSPRO detailed reporting features
  • HOSPRO POS security can be set as required assure to meet your business security requirements


  •  The Manager/Owner will assign a unique ID (pin-code) to each staff member as well as an access code allowing access to areas where deemed necessary by the manager/owner
  •  When HOSPRO is switched to SECURE then each staff-member will collect cash from the customer and repays the business at the end of the shift, by using the shift sales report and the end of his/her shift
  •  When HOSPRO is switched to OPEN then the Staff-member passed all cash collected into the business’ cash-drawer at once
  •  All Sales of staff-member can be recorded if required.
  •  A staff performance report is available, recording annual and monthly sales and allows comparisons to the previous year of month
  •  If HOSPRO Payroll is used, then a detailed payroll report will be supplied by HOSPRO when required
  •  Should a staff-member open the cash-drawer and then decide to shut down the computer, (in the hope to avoid being recorded), the HOSPRO will inform the manager at what date and time the cash-drawer was last opened.


  • Table/bill layout next to bill/check or create your table layout with floor-plan
  • Tables can be switched to Cash sales/Quick Sales in an instance
  • Table colouring indicate bill being printed, require service, paid or available
  • Calling TABLE AWAY to kitchen, informing the kitchen the table is ready for the next course
  • Reprint orders to kitchen or bar at any time
  • Each bill can be split with ease


  •  Enter orders using new customer or customer already on file in the HOSPRO database
  •  Add comments to each order
  •  Displays all order in colour code (green = paid, Yellow = bill printed, White = unpaid)
  •  Assign the required driver to each deliver
  •  Customer detail will be printed on each receipt
  •  Connects to google maps ( Internet connection required
  •  Offers report containing all orders and payment status
  •  Payment status of orders can be updated one by one or on all orders at once
  •  Displays total of all home amounts currently outstanding


  •  Enter orders using new customer or customer already on file in the HOSPRO database
  •  Shows the customer name on the bill/check
  •  Displays all order in colour code (green = paid, Yellow = bill printed, White = not paid



  •  Avoid Idling tables where customer are waiting for service
  •  HOSPRO has a Service Indicator which can be preset in minute intervals, which will display a warning on each table which has exceeding the service idle time
  •  Provide a customer ID card or simular and HOPROS will identify the customer as part of the loyalty customer database, and will display any comments entered by staff (ie. Likes red wine) , notifies users if is the customer’s birthday and displays the customer name on the bill/check
  •  HOSPRO will automatically apply a customer discount as preset in the customer database.
  •  HOSPRO can move customer payments on to their accounts (TAB) and provide statements with running balances and process customer account payments when required



  • Select from three Menus, which can be named as required (ie. DINE IN, MENU B etc…)
  • Each Menu can assigned to take away, home delivery or Dine in
  • Each Menu houses 21 department which house 44 items which again can be modified 60 time each, which allows for 166 320 item options
  • Menu Departments are displayed on same page as bill/check which allows for quick use of POS screen
  • Each item can be build of up to 6 ingredients which can be traced under HOSPRO’S Stock control feature
  • Items can be sold by weight
  • Items can be given up to 4 different tax codes
  • Items can be made unavailable manually or automatically (if HOSPRO Stock-control has been turned on)
  • Add home delivery or take away/take out surcharges to any item
  •  Personalise the way the item is displayed in POS screen, by altering font, background colour and adding a picture
  •  Profit for item sold is displayed in the setup area (when ingredients are used)
  •  Add a recipe to an item, which can be displayed in the POS screen when item is selected
  •  Right-click an item in the POS Screen and it will display the recipe of the item allowing, to answer any questions the customer might have regarding the content of the item.v
  •  Departments can be categorised into Meals, Non alcoholic Beverages, Wine, Beer and Malt Liquor, Liquor and Spirits
  •  Reports will be categorised by the chosen department types
  •  Departments can be personalised by altering the font, background colour and adding a picture
  •  Each Departure can have up to 2 target printers assigned to it
  •  Default Kitchen and bar printers can be assigned to food and drink departments by one click
  •  Offer menu to printed to A4 printer



  •  Modifiers can be set to modify on item, all items in one department or items in all departments
  •  An item can be modified 60 times
  •  Modifiers can contain up to 4 tax codes, ingredient, price and can be set to Forced or unforced



  •  HOSPRO has a complete Stock control system included
  •  The stock control system can be switched on/off or switched on for drinks or one department only
  •  HOSPRO keeps control of all INGREDIENT STOCK ONLY
  •  The items you sell are made of various ingredients
  •  Example: Coke and bourbon contains 30ml bourbon and 300ml coke.
  •  Use barcode reader to increase stock control speed
  •  Provides out of stock reporting
  •  Provides running balance sheets for each ingredient displaying when it arrived , when and how much was used and the current balance available
  •  Once an item you sell cannot be made, due one of the ingredients being out stock, then the particular item will be displayed in RED and unavailable in the POS screen.



  •  Set a second currency symbol
  •  Set the currency exchange rate
  •  Totals for both currencies will be displayed on the POS screen or printer on the bill, if dual currency is turned on



  •  Select the notes and coins you wish display when receiving cash from customer
  •  Country specific notes and coins displayed


  • Select required backup path and drive
  • HOSPRO will perform automatic backup after end of shift Zread



  • Can be networked to up to 255 pos computers
  • Share all printer with all pos computers
  • HOSPRO is also available in tablet format
  • Very easy network setup, no network experience required


  •  Pricing can adjusted via pricing slider for all items, drinks only or for one department only
  •  Add surcharges for home delivery, dine in or take away/take out
  •  Add Saturday and Sunday surcharges
  •  Set pizza pricing


  • Set half/half pizza pricing
  • Can handle Half /half pizza
  • Can handle pizza specials



  •  Stores up to 35 specials
  •  Built Specials with ease, by selected items or departments
  •  Each specials’ rules are automatically enforced when used in the POS screen, avoiding staff to select items which are not include In a particular special


  •  Select your required tax code from the tax-code list included
  •  Add your own tax code
  •  Select your items to be sold included tax or tax to be added
  •  federal and county tax system
  •  up to 4 tax codes per item
  •  supplies complete tax collected reports



  •  send messages to kitchen or bar staff on the fly
  •  current shift trading balance with the click/touch of a button
  •  Automated Credit/Debit card processing for US and Canadian customers
  •  Add course or customer dividers to bill/check as preferred
  •  Add bill header and footer
  •  Auto-open last department which is good tool for a bar environment


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